Our family

Our family is blended, with Josh and I having a daughter each to a previous relationship. We then have 3 children together. All 7 of us are currently living in Katherine, Northern Territory, after moving to the territory from Tasmania in 2007.


Josh is Mia’s father. He is a Math’s teacher and Moodle Coordinator at Katherine High School. Josh is excellent with technology and participates in the community triathlons regularly. He is always involved in helping fellow colleagues with adding technology in to the classroom.


Ella is the eldest daughter. Born July 19th 2000 she is nearly 12.  Close to those teen years!!!!
Ella loves her netball and swimming, and has just started participating in triathlons. She is quite the social butterfly, and has a strong stubborn streak.





Elsa born on January 10th 2001. She loves her athletics, ipod, reading and art. Elsa is the shy one in the family- but only in public!!!!!.

She too has just started participating in triathlons.


Jordan is the first of our children together. Born 1st June 2005, Jordan is an outgoing performer and Geelong Football Club fan!! She loves running and athletics, pretending she is on stage dancing or modelling. Jordan was 2 turning 3 when I had Mia and so is very close to Mia having done lots of things together in the early years.




Mia is our next beautiful child and our first born in the Territory.  And her story is in the  blog link on the home page.






Finally, on the 26th November 2011 our first son Noah Jakob was born 9 weeks early. He is a gorgeous little baby who has his sisters wrapped around his fingers already!  He now does alot with Mia as they share a room, listen to music together, lie on the bed together etc.



And as for me, well I am Tania and along with Josh also used to teach at the High School. However, after everything we have been through with Mia I am now more interested in disabilities. I have worked for a respite house here in Katherine, which caters for disabled adults.  I am  the Katherine Netball Association Development Coordinator and I play and coach netball aswell.  I love attending and helping out at all sports events which the girls participate in.


And so this is us…a normal, everyday, large family who have learnt so much from our beautiful daughter and sister Mia. We all would do anything for Mia and protect her when needed. We are so proud of what she has achieved from birth and then from the shunt blockage.

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